Friday, February 13, 2009


All strong companies as well as governments have the need to understand and be able to control spending. Therefore, they need an economic plan. I urge us all to notice NASCAR does not need a stimulus. They have built it and we will come. Repaving the track (Daytona) is not going to happen today not because of money but because it does not need it yet. It is planned and the funds allocated for the not so distant future. Jobs were lost by some and jobs have been created by others. Spending unnecessary funds for mere convenience has been trimmed from within. NASCAR will rely on a self stimulus program supported by individuals who will not give up the pursuit of happiness. The men and women of NASCAR will prevail. It will happen though the hard work of some and the extreme loyalty of others. This is by no means the first time our countries economic failures have stimulated us negatively. The ability of NASCAR to weather the times has been proven though leadership which inspires devotion.

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