Monday, April 27, 2009

Not With My Money!

Obammanomics 101:cont.
Hey......I wasn't on the plane.....If I had known, I would have stopped them......Thankfully the worst that happened was we wasted a lot of your money.....

The budget for pictures of my plane is classified.....Stimulating the populous of New York will stimulate the local economics........We saved money by combining it with a Military Training Operation......We saved money by passing the responsibility of paying for the Public Service Announcements to the Local Authorities......We missed the opportunity to combine the event with a scheduled test of the Civil Defense System.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Moments like this remind me of why it is all worth it. We had a beautifull day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Turn left go fast!

Been off on a ride... Our troops are the best....They volunteer to keep us safe.....I can't find the words too give them the hope.... Help me find the words......Not what you expected........You don't know me.........I watched my own come home to worse...... I witness it all...........I know too much....Knowledge can be a burden.........Share my support for those keeping you safe!

For the Red Neck

Make a big glass bowl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just for my buddy Sam.

Growing your own 16"

I'd like to surf that bow wake. Don't fall off the back side. Well.....don't fall off.

Which way do we go?

We really don't have a choice. We have to take care of this mess we made. Discarded SUV's are the bulk. We have to take this and do something with it. How about we take some people and put them to work. Maybe running arc furnaces instead of buying steel from somewhere else. Maybe building arc furnaces. Maybe we build some rail lines to move it. Maybe we have to stop being consumers and start producing.

Made In The USA
Needs to mean something to you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Time

I keep telling people the same thing. They keep asking the same thing.

You, are going to have to get used to the idea that you, have to be productive. If you can produce something, you can have a job. If you have become a consumer, you better learn how to produce something. If you can produce something, but can't find a job, start your own business. Stop waiting for someone else to make it all better. Our government is a consumer. Don't look to them for answers. The lawyers are consumers. Don't look to them for answers. Politician's are consumers. Don't look to them for answers.

Produce your own answer.

Gotta Light

How close do you think he has to get to light up?
In case your wondering. Just a little pre-install check. We like our Hornets to go fast and come home.
I lit up the garage heater and thought of bigger things again.
Thats why all good sailors carry a Zippo.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Place's you don't want to go.

Sometimes small things remind you of big things.

I wish, I didn't know whats on the floor.
I wish, I didn't know what's behind that door.
I wish, I didn't know thats not grey paint.
I wish, I could forget, but I can't.
I wish, I didn't know where this is.
I wish, I didn't know it exists.

I, can't change a thing!
I, don't want to change a thing!
I, am glad I know!
I, can care for my own!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where is the screw driver?

You get what you pay for. Push the button throw the switch I don't care you pick. You don't need a screw driver.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stick a screw driver in it

No telling what we will run into. I get to see a lot of stupid things done. It pays our bills so I keep my mouth shut. Believe it or not there are some AMERICAN industries which are doing well even today. They are struggling to meet orders even. They operate a little different than the bail out recipients. They are lean and mean. Lean from TOP to bottom and making money for them all. The owners can be identified, yes. Their associates know them well. They might even like them. Leaner business is what this country needs more of.


Hey, though, what do I know? If I listed the different industries from nuclear power plants to tortilla manufacturers I see you wouldn't believe it all. Oh and lets not mention 3rd world experiences. Somehow I was given a ride to try and remember. It is what is. You can paint over it if you must, but it still exists. We have reached a point where we have a situation that is not going to be painted over any more.

Our Nation Is Now Governed Soly For The Sake of Government!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Thats what I do

Hell no! I'm not done. Clinton wanted everyone to be happy so he could get happy ...without us caring. Free loans to everyone. Give me a months worth of one credit card company's junk mail bill in the 90's and I'd be happy. Loans to everyone. More cars sold than should have been.
No, we can't save all those jobs.
More houses, bigger houses, more corporate retreats, more glamor ...More sex ...MORE JETS MORE MORE MORE AND WE BOUGHT IT ALL!




Obama will fix GM

#1 Thats not his job.
#2 Giving them money to go away is what you do to your kid not GM.
#3 If you don't want to lose your job build it better.
#4 Shit rolls down hill does not apply!
#5 Red Necks Build Better Chevys!
#6 Your Summer Home Means Jack Shit To Me!

Fuck it now I'm just being rude.

Friday, February 13, 2009


All strong companies as well as governments have the need to understand and be able to control spending. Therefore, they need an economic plan. I urge us all to notice NASCAR does not need a stimulus. They have built it and we will come. Repaving the track (Daytona) is not going to happen today not because of money but because it does not need it yet. It is planned and the funds allocated for the not so distant future. Jobs were lost by some and jobs have been created by others. Spending unnecessary funds for mere convenience has been trimmed from within. NASCAR will rely on a self stimulus program supported by individuals who will not give up the pursuit of happiness. The men and women of NASCAR will prevail. It will happen though the hard work of some and the extreme loyalty of others. This is by no means the first time our countries economic failures have stimulated us negatively. The ability of NASCAR to weather the times has been proven though leadership which inspires devotion.

Look out he's going to BLOW !!!!

Is it only I who see the reality setting in? I'm beginning to take a hard look at "VP Joe". I don't think the other guy has what it takes to keep up. Can you see spontaneous internal combustion?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I rejoice when the season starts. I am after all a motor head at heart. It urges me back into the garage where I must play with one of my few toys left. While busting my knuckles and scratching my arms and contorting myself too reach that one last bolt, I can forget about.......

It signals the change of season beginning. The birds return and as new signs of life appear on the trees, so the little creatures come out to play. They seem fine with the turn of events. That new housing project in the old pasture has been void of heavy machinery and peaceful. I am sure to the wildlife things are oh so much better than last year. I don't miss the construction noise myself. It was disruptive to to sweet music of a finely tuned V8.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So this is change.


OK let me see if I got this straight. If you are a Rhodes scholar you get to redefine small words like "is", "sex", "have". If you were a community organizer you can tackle the bigger words like "stimulus". He must believe we are no smarter than those who needed his organisational skills.

Let it be known that from this day forward that "stimulus" means spending money we don't have to line the pockets of the people who bought shares in the office of President of the United States of America. Also known as the "Give a foreigner a job plan", "Early retirement for the wealthy plan", "The under the table, behind your back, over the top, spend it all plan". Some how I have missed a memo. The last time I went out and spent money I did not have it made me feel bad. It increased my debt. It increased my anxiety. It did nothing to increase my morale not to mention health or welfare of my family.

Oh, and "Buy American". That term is now the "So called Buy American plan". Now I'm not a Rhodes scholar nor have I ever been a community organizer but when someone puts "so called" in front of a label, I tend to take it for granted as being "Bullshit", or that smoke is being blown up my ass and I am supposed to enjoy it. Guess I should go back to school. Maybe there is a good university opening up in Obamalan."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Have you been stimulated?

I won't get stuck on numbers. No one I know answered yes. It will be different this time they say. Give me a break. Do they really believe I will swallow this again? The only ones that will benefit currently live a dream life compared to us. They will remodel that new office with it. They will keep using the corporate jet. They will fund candidates that will protect them with it. They will buy even larger estates at lower interest to get that tax shelter up high enough for them to live an even better life. They will apply for visa's for the top salaries to get the work done for less so they continue to have more. They really don't care can't you see. When it all falls apart they will retire to a fixed income that would provide for hundreds of families whose jobs they will pilfer. You won't find it in the papers and certainly not on the TV. Its simple really. You must be extremely wealthy to own one of those. Do you think that they really want you to be better off? They keep you right where you are with such little effort. What we need in this country is a good old revolution. I'm not promoting violence here. I'm saying change is a necessity and that it will not occur from within the current political system as governed by either of the ruling parties. It should be able to happen without a shot fired and we don't even need a debate over who writes the declaration. I've quoted it before.