Friday, February 6, 2009

Have you been stimulated?

I won't get stuck on numbers. No one I know answered yes. It will be different this time they say. Give me a break. Do they really believe I will swallow this again? The only ones that will benefit currently live a dream life compared to us. They will remodel that new office with it. They will keep using the corporate jet. They will fund candidates that will protect them with it. They will buy even larger estates at lower interest to get that tax shelter up high enough for them to live an even better life. They will apply for visa's for the top salaries to get the work done for less so they continue to have more. They really don't care can't you see. When it all falls apart they will retire to a fixed income that would provide for hundreds of families whose jobs they will pilfer. You won't find it in the papers and certainly not on the TV. Its simple really. You must be extremely wealthy to own one of those. Do you think that they really want you to be better off? They keep you right where you are with such little effort. What we need in this country is a good old revolution. I'm not promoting violence here. I'm saying change is a necessity and that it will not occur from within the current political system as governed by either of the ruling parties. It should be able to happen without a shot fired and we don't even need a debate over who writes the declaration. I've quoted it before.

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Sam said...

Right on brother!